Merannda and Ben Pilon 05.20.2009

This is one of my May 2009 couples (as well as one of my few Wednesday Bride and Grooms), and I really enjoyed their wedding.  It was a casual, relaxed affair with a low guest count, a small bridal party, and a lot of love.  The ceremony took place on the Bride’s parent’s front porch, with the reception in the backyard.  They had a perfect little barn for some portrait opportunities, and the weather was just amazing that day!  The sun was setting just as things were winding down, and I got the opportunity to capture one of the most heart-wrenching father-daughter dances I have ever seen.  I don’t think there was a dry eye around!  Near the end of the mother-son dance, Merannda joined in with their baby boy, as well, so it became a double dance.

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