Shenale and James: After the Wedding

This is my couple that I like to dub “Bridge Bride” (they were the first to get married on that bridge in New Braunfels, and it’s so unique!) from my favorite modern album.  I loved their style and especially that classic car!  We did not get too much time on wedding day to do a lot of portraits, so we decided to do an after-wedding session with the car.  This was several months ago, but I really loved this, so I wanted to get it posted, finally.  We just went out to this great little place in the country with some ramshackle buildings and a cute little church and had some fun. 

A funny little story with this session: The two locations were just down the street from each other.  After we were done at the church, Shenale and I went on ahead to the other location to wait for James (the vintage car did not have air conditioning, so they drove separately).  As we were standing there, Shenale commented on how annoying the vintage car is, and how much James always has to work on it. Right at that moment, we heard a massive VROOOOOOOM as he comes racing down the street and proceeds to break down right in front of us.  We had to laugh over that one, and incorporate some shots if them working on the broken down car.

Shenale and James have also done a few sessions with their baby boy, and will continue to show up here in the future, so watch out for them!  I absolutely love doing these after-the-wedding shots of the Bride and Groom, so you will see some more of those coming up over the next few months, as well.

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