After the Wedding: A day on the town with Jen and Adam

The day after jen and Adam’s wedding, I met with them again at their hotel (which just happened to be barely a block away from the Majestic) for some quick shots on the town.  The couple wanted to make the most of their wedding weekend in San Antonio and get some shots at the Majestic and Alamo, which we didn’t have time for on the big day.  We brushed the confetti off of her dress and set out down the block.  It was fairly crowded in front of the theater–we happened to do the session shortly before an afternoon showing, but we managed to work with it and Jen and Adam were pretty laid back about the whole thing.  A few shots later we ran over to the Alamo and did a few shots of it in the background before the happy couple jetted of to their post wedding day barbeque lunch with their close friends and family.  Jen was pretty tired that Sunday morning (who wouldn’t be) and said she almost called me to cancel the session, but while we were actually out on the town she expressed how happy she was that they decided to go for it and do these.

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  • Adriana Mier - January 8, 2011 - 2:40 pm

    Oh my gosh, were did you get that dress?? I want one exactly like yours, or better yet, are you selling it?

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