Lindsay and Brandon: Engaged

Lindsay and Brandon are from out of town and are doing everything rapid-fire with me.  I only met them a few weeks ago for their consultation, and we were able to squeeze their session in around the holidays while they were visiting in town again.  Their invitation and guestbook designs will be coming soon, and then Lindsay’s bridals in Dallas next month.  The wedding is in February, so you’ll be seeing a lot of them in a short amount of time!  I really enjoyed working with these two.  They were a little nervous at first, but soon relaxed and got into it.  I love the outfits they chose, stylish but comfotable, and you can see their day to day personalities coming through.  These two are so loving towards eachother, but not clingy or over the top mushy-faced.  They kind of make me think of those smooth couples from old 50’s movies that just work so well together–slow smiles and dramatic eyes, and body language attuned to eachother.

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  • Christine - January 13, 2011 - 11:19 pm

    I love the last photo. It’s a spectacular angle and very intimate. Lovely!

  • Caitlin - January 14, 2011 - 8:25 pm

    Thank you! She wanted something “intimate” and I think we really got it–especially when someone else can see it without any prompting. I was pretty far away with my zoom lens looking through a tree. It’s one of my fav’s from the day!

  • Debbie - January 15, 2011 - 12:42 am

    I LOVE these! So beautiful!

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