Casey and Ruben Ibarra 04.15.11

Casey and Ruben were married at one of my new favorite locations: The Grande Hall at Hoffman Ranch.  This place is just so Texas countryside without being over the top themed, and the perfect weather made it an even prettier day.  Casey was pretty collected and ready to get things done when I arrived.  She was surrounded by close friends and family as she prepared for the big day, and then her closest ladies while she dressed.  Isn’t her dress great?  It’s so different–a very nice change from the strapless look that is so common.  Casey and Ruben had decided to do the Pre-ceremony reveal and get photos out of the way beforehand.  I really love doing portraits this way.  I get to capture that intimate moment the Bride and Groom share when seeing each other for the first time, and I almost teared up when Casey and Ruben first locked eyes on each other.  Casey DID tear up, and it made such a sweet moment.  They took about 10 minutes to hug, laugh, cry, and look each other over, and then we had a nice little while to get portraits done without anyone else around.  You can really tell they were relaxed and in the moment.

Casey and Ruben’s ceremony was gorgeous, sunny, and SHORT.  I think this one might take the record for shortest ceremony if you don’t count the processional (which seemed longer than the rest).  After the short, but sweet, nuptials, Casey and Ruben started the party, and danced the night away.  One of the highlights of the night was the Michael Jackson impersonator, which really got everyone excited.  What a cool way to end the night!

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