Baby Kalina

I’m on a roll with these sliedshows!

Baby Kalina is turning 1 this week, so mom and dad thought it was time for her first professional portrait session.:)  Some of you may recognize Marisa and Joel from their Spring 2010 wedding (and, yes, Kalina was definately a honeymoon baby–born exactly nine months later!).  I just love love working with my couples after the wedding and seeing their families grow, so I was super excited for this session.  We originally planned to take everyone out to the Japanese Tea Gardens, but when portrait day rolled around, it turned out to be just aweful outside…one of the worst days we have had this year, I think!  It was SO cold, just pouring rain, and windy on top of that!  Instead of rescheduling, Marisa decided to do an indoor shoot, so we got to stay nice and toasty in my office/studio.  I was pretty excited to be able to use my brand new Loftwood Tuff Floor for this shoot–isn’t it gorgeous?!  Kalina was SO well behaved (and probably extra happy to be warm and indoors), so we let her go crazy on her first ever cake in celebration of her turing 1.

The session turned out pretty darn cute, but you’ll have to click on the link and watch the slideshow to see for yourself! Kalina.

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