Mallory and Matthew’s Wedding

Mallory and Mathew have been great to work with–pretty laid-back and organized.  One of my favorite combos!  Haha.  They were married in a very sweet sunset ceremony at Granberry Hillside, and I absolutely  loved Mallory’s ensemble.  Her dress was just gorgeous (I always love seeing a style that is not sleeveless, and the way this one was done was so pretty), her hair perfect, and her makeup and accessories were spectacular!  It makes for some easy picture taking, lol.  The reception was also beautiful–the lights working beautifully for the night time party, and the crystals sparkling merrily.

I keep running short on time these days to go back and make a bunch of posts for the blog, so I am being lazy again and just linking the slideshow…one day I WILL find a way to make these appear IN the blog!  For now, you just have to click and enjoy.:)Mallory and Matthew.

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