Bloggy Changes

Well. I am sure that most of my loyal “blog stalkers” have noticed the changes going on around here, lately.

First off, those crazy ads started popping up and making the blog look pretty trashy.   It took me a while to notice those and figure out what they were…on my end it was just a bunch of black space between every header/text/footer.  I thought it was strange but maybe some weird formatting error I had made.  Well, it turned out that my wordpress account (the actual program I used to create my template, not my hosting site) got hacked by some ad people.  Lucky for me, since I am so lame at all this techno stuff, I found an AWESOME guy who specializes in helping out with this kind of thing, the WPdude.  WPdude was SO great, and I definitely suggest him to anyone else who has any issues with wordpress.  Thanks to Neil (WPdude), my blog is back to normal again!  Next up, updating the bio (it still says I’m 26) and the rolling header images at the top (I made that soooo long ago).

Another change I have been trying to make is with my slideshows.  I really love making them, and everyone who has gotten a sneak peak slideshow has been so thrilled about it.  Unfortunately, I have had no success in getting the dang things to actually embed into my blog (so you could just click it to play right in the post).  SO frustrating!  But I have been getting a little bored with spending so long formatting all of my favorites from every session into each blog post, to keep all my lazies (I’m one, too, so I understand) from skipping over a post simply because they don’t want to click a link.  SO, the new solution is a nice little compromise.  From now on (as a trial run, and permanently if it goes well), I will be posting a collage of my top favorites AND a link to the slideshow from each session or event.  Best of both worlds!

I’m also trying very hard to cut down on all the chatter for every single sneak peak post…it get’s a little hard to take the time to write paragraphs about each session, and then I feel bad that I gyped someone because I was in a hurry after posting one day, like I don’t like them as much as the last person or something.  Not true!!  So I’m going to try and be fair (and spend more time on cooler stuff than blabbering about how awesome the weather was and how awesome the couples was—because, hey, I have a ton of freakin’ awesome clients!) and try to keep all of my posts short and sweet.  I know you guys care more about the actual pictures, anyway!

That being said, this post is starting to get a bit long….so I’ll wrap it up shortly…maybe.

My last change which I am planning on, but we’ll see if I can actually make it happen with my crazy schedule, is more personal posts.  I’m going to try to do an occasional post here and there to let you guys know what’s going on in the world of Caitlin-behind-the-scenes.  I’ve gotta feed the blog-stalkers…

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