Camp Discovery with the American Cancer Society

Camp Discovery is a cool week-long program for children with cancer, out in Kerrville, Texas, sponsored by the American Cancer Society and a lot of wonderful volunteers.  If you are interested in learning more about it, here is a link:

I was introduced to the camp by one of my brides (Kaela), who helps run it every year, and was given the opportunity to become a volunteer, myself.  I jumped on the chance to make the camp extra special for these kids, by doing a cool Portrait Station at the dance they have on Wednesday.  These will be the mementos that the kids get to bring home from this awesome experience.

This was my first real charity event as Caitlin’s Creations, so I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect…I probably bugged poor Kaela with WAY too many questions, as I prepared!  I originally planned on bringing a solid backdrop to the event (like I do for the Portrait Stations at my weddings), but when Kaela told me they had a Circus theme, I really wanted to try to incorporated that into the look of the portraits.  That is where the incredible team of Backdrops Beautiful stepped in (  They helped me supply an AWESOME Circus backdrop for the event, and I am so in love with how it turned out in these portraits!  Thanks to their help, these images have tons of pizazz on top of the cool personalities we were able to capture.:)

The night turned out to be a blast!  My assistant Brandon and I arrived in Kerrville about half an hour before the party started and got our little area set-up.  Then the doors opened and TONS of people poured into the dance hall.  We were immediately inundated with happy campers (pun intended, haha) wanting cool shots against our backdrop, and stayed busy throughout the night.  Brandon and I worked collaboratively on shooting (he did most of the normal stuff, while I helped pose and shot the special requests and sponsors) while I tried to get as much editing done as I could through the night, so they would have time to print these for the kids before camp ends on Friday.  People were in such high-spirits in their fun costumes and the dancy atmosphere.  What a great night!  I hope I have the opportunity to do this again next year.

Obviously, there are some legal issues with posting children’s faces who are part of a medical related event, so I won’t be blogging any of the special guests at the camp who posed for us.  However, most of the camp volunteers and sponsors took advantage of the Portrait Station and told me they definitely wouldn’t mind making it on the blog… so I am excited to share some images from last night!  Even Brandon and I posed for a shot or two.:)

Shout Outs: American Cancer Society, Camp Discovery, Texas Lions Campgrounds, Backdrops Beautiful

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