My First Magazine Fashion Spread!

A few months ago, I was very excited to be asked to shoot the fashion spread for the 2012 Spring and Summer issue of the Wedding Guide Magazine.   This was my very first official fashion shoot, and it was a blast!  I have to say that it was REALLY different to be photographing models instead of brides, and working with an entire team to capture an overall vision of the product, instead of just me and my assistants working to make someone look beautiful!  Andrea, Brandon, and I arrived at the GORGEOUS Pat O’briens (one of my very favorite reception venues) on a cold Wednesday morning (this was back when it was still cold out, haha) to do the shoot, and it was a full and crazy day.  We must have been there for 8 to 10 hours!

I already knew Shaunna, with cHAIRish The Day (a favorite hair stylist for my brides), and was able to meet some other lovely vendors, as well.  We had a team of ladies from Sposa Bella Bridal Boutique who supplied the dresses and stayed on hand to dress the girls, fluff, and primp all day.  The unusual floral peices were provided by Botanika (although I ended up not getting to meet them, since they just dropped the flowers off before we arrived).  The beautiful makeup was done by a very sweet Linda Kelly Makeup Artist.

It was such an interesting day, and I had a blast doing something so out of the norm, for me.  A lot of the day involved consultations between me, the woman in charge of the fashion spread who represented the magazine, and the dress/accessory ladies.  We would choose a girl, talk location, decide on a gown and accessories, and then the models would get ready.  We would photograph the model and then it was on to the next idea for another girl (which gave Shauanna a chance to work on one while we shot the other…poor Shaunna was working so fast and doing such a great job, but hair can take a while, of course, so I am sure she was exhausted by the end of that long day).

In the end, we got some amazing shots, and had a great time.  I had to keep it very hush-hush until the magazine came out, so of course, once it finally DID arrive, I kept putting off my blog post for it.  I figured it was finally time, now that the issue has been out for a whole 4 months, lol.  But I ma very excited to finally get around to sharing the awesome fashion spread in the current issue of the Wedding Guide!  It will still be out until late September, and I also have a whole stack of them at my office, so if anyone wants a copy, just let me know!:)

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  • Ashlee Lara - July 26, 2012 - 12:26 pm

    So proud of you Caitlin!!!!!

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