Sending out a “Happy Holidays!”

I always get those last-minute calls for holiday cards, so this year I am trying to be a little bit proactive in getting people in a little earlier!  It’s been working out pretty well, but I am sure there are still a few of you who still need to come in and either get a holiday session done or just order some beautiful holiday cards from a session we did earlier in the year.:)  So, this is a reminder!  I also wanted to share a couple of card options, including the new magnet sizes.  Mallory and Christian came in for their anniversary portraits this summer and brought their ADORABLE puppy along with them.  When we met to decided on her holiday cards, I had JUST gotten access to the new cool magnet sizes and shapes, and we decided to try doing something a bit different this year.  She was so organized that we got these done in plenty of time for me to be able to share these with all of you before the holidays are here!  I LOVE the idea of sending a magnet out instead of a traditional card so much that I will be sending MY holiday cards out as magnets this year, too. :)

The second card is definitely more traditional, but also beautiful and definitely a WOW factor for friends and family to get in the mail!  We actually did this card last year (I am in the process of working on most of my clients’ holiday cards NOW, so won’t be able to share those with you before it’s too late to matter much, haha) for the lovely Marisa and Joey, a previous bride and groom of mine from a few years ago, who were able to introduce their beautiful baby girl to me.  Love!:)

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