Sarah and Josh’s Austin Engagement Portraits

Sarah and Josh are so adorable together!  I has SO much fun getting to know them in the “Keep-it-weird” city of Austin, Texas, and I seriously don’t think I c have STOPPED all the laughing if I wanted to, haha.  I barely had to tell them to do the “haha” at all. :)  I really love it when I have such fun, bubbly people as subjects–you can tell they know how to make each other laugh and smile and have fun together.  Keri and I drove up to Austin a couple of Sundays ago and made it just in time to steak out a few spots and have some lunch before it was time to meet up with these two.  The weather was really pleasant, so the park was, of course, pretty busy!  But we managed to avoid the biggest groups and make sure to make it look like we had the place to ourselves.  After we finished finding some great locations at the park, we all hopped into my Cube and went in search for this very cool graffiti ruin.  Apparently, a large building project that sits right in the middle of a neighborhood was abandoned when the ground proved unstable, and people have been using it for personal graffiti art ever since–what a great way to use the place!  On the way out, we made one more stop at this cool Austin Mural (and of course the sun had to come out and blind us all just as we arrived, lol).  It was a really great day and I am super excited to show these off to the lovely couple!ould

Make sure to check out the rest of their Sneak Peak in their slideshow: Sarah and Josh.

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