Lydia and Vanessa

I was so happy to see Lydia and Vanessa again for another sweet couple’s session this year.  Lydia and Vanessa did portraits with me last year, but since then, Lydia has been undergoing a really amazing transformation to get healthy and lose A TON of weight.  She has done an extraordinary job–I almost didn’t recognize this beautiful lady when she stepped out of her car!:)    I also have to say that I really love her hair–it’s the perfect cut for her and just looks lovely framing her face.  Lydia is the more laid-back one of the two, while Vanessa is definitely the kooky and crazy gal that loves to make Lydia laugh.  They are so cute together and I love how much they laugh and play with each other.  We got some fun shots of them being very playful and crazy, of course!

See more from their session here: Lydia and Vanessa

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