Stephanie and Herbie

Stephanie and Herbie are so adorable together!  It was a crazy humid day (and threatening rain the entire time), but we managed to keep out wits (and hair) from getting too frazzled and have a great time shooting their engagement session at Brackenridge while they were in town.  This was the first time I was able to meet Herbie and it was instantly easy to work with him (no awkward intro period) and get to know him and Stephanie as a couple.  He is so sweet and loving to her, and even a little playful (I’m still laughing over him trying to grab her butt whenever he had his hands around her waist, lol)–it was great to watch them interact!  So excited for their wedding and I can’t wait to photograph them again.

Stephanie and Herbie’s Sneak Peak Slideshow: Stephanie and Herbie.

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