Paulina’s Bridals…WITH HORSES!!

Can you tell how excited I am that I got to photograph HORSES with Paulina for her Bridals?!  Horses!!  When Paulina mentioned she wanted to do this, I think I might have jumped for joy (literally) and maybe even made a little squeel of excitement…Seriously, how awesome of an idea is this?  Not too many people get this opportunity, and we were so lucky that Paulina’s cousin, the owner of Silver Agave Arabians in Comfort, Texas let us work with his little beauties for this session.  Horses are definitely not super easy to work with (but who cares–I got to work with horses!!), and to top it off they were all scared of Paulina’s gown, but with a little patience and understanding (and an awesome handler to help us out) we got some beautiful shots.  It was a hot a sweaty day for sure, but in the end, I felt like these portraits turned out simply magical!  Even without any horses to pose with, Paulina has such a gorgeous, classical look about her that really creates beautiful images.

After working closely with the two top models fo the ranch for most of the session (the chestnut stallion was so gorgeous and I love his funny faces!), we asked if we could go into the main pen where the main herd was.  The herd was curious but wary of us milling about and still pretty freked out by Paulina’s white gown, but before we knew it, their curiousity got the better of them and we were encircled by them as they tried to figure us out.  After a while, the leader finally got the courage to approach Paulina and it was such a perfect moment as they reached out for each other.  I can’t even describe how in love I am with that portrait!  I think one day I will just have to turn it into a painting and add in a Unicorn horn–it just seems so perfect for that!:D

More awesome bridals here: Paulina

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  • Tami - December 9, 2013 - 12:08 am

    Horses!!!! That’s so awesome! Paulina, you look beautiful. Probably some of the best bridals I have ever seen. Horses… Y’all are amazing :)

  • Caitlin - December 10, 2013 - 12:10 pm

    Yeah it was pretty awesome. I don’t know how anyone is going to top that is a Bridal “prop”….next stop dolpins!

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