Sheri and Josh’s Two-Town Engagament Session

I only recently met Sheri and Josh and I am already in love with these two!  They had a not-so-awesome experience with another photographer before finding me, and they weren’t too excited about the prospect of doing their engagement session all over again (especially since they live all the way up in Dallas), but after talking about the pros and cons they decided to do it and I am SO glad they did!  This session really gave me the chance to really get to know these two and to show them that they CAN have fun and look awesome in portraits.  They had a crazy stressful time making their way down to San Marcos for the weekend, but I’d like to think that everything fell into place and became fun once they finally arrived to start their portraits on the camus of Texas State University, where they first met.  They even brought the adorable (and super well behaved) Ditto to the shoot and I have to admit that I kind of went overboard with his own little  toy-poodle “fashion shoot” time while he was workin’ it!  Sheri wanted to get some really fun rustic portraits done as well as the lace that meant so much to the beginning of their relationship, so after some fun in San Marcos, we all headed over to Gruene for even MORE portraits.  It was a crazy looooooooong and hot day, but the whirlwind that was their session was really fun and I am so happy with the result.

With their wedding only a couple of months away now (thank gosh they found me when they did!), we are well on our way to making a gorgeous custom Elite Guestbook for their Triple Set Album Case and have just finished some beautiful custom designed rustic wedding invitations (which I will hopefully share in the not-t00-distant future).  I am so happy that they decided to take another chance at photography with me and I am really excited about all of our work together over the next few months.

See more adorable portraits from their Two-Town session here: Sheri and Josh.

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