Vintage Hollywood and Pin-Up Portraits!

I have always loved this old vintage style of photography, so when I found out about a photography workshop dedicated to Pin-Ups and Old Hollywood Glamour, I jumped at the chance to get involved.  I had a great weekend learning new things and trying some stuff out, but my favortie part was when I got t hire some models during my down time and really get to go crazy shooting.  I had a blast!  Intead of hiring just female models, I really wanted to also have fun photographing a couple and just a male along and show that guys can look amazing in this style of photography, too.  I am absolutley in love with this style of session now, and there are definitely plans in the works for a special Mini-Session day themed around Vintage Hollywood and Pin-Up Portraits.  This beautiful location in Fredericksburg was amazing to work with and so far the plan is to go up there for a whole day with some awesome hair and makeup artists and just have a great time shooting sessions.  Most likely, we will do this on a weekend in January.  If you are definitely interested in this kind of shoot, email me so I can make sure you are on the mailing list for mini sessions when we set a date!:)

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