Throwback Thursday: Pin Up Day!

So this one is a little bit of a grey area in the “Throwback” department, since it’s only a few months old, but I figured it was high time I should post about this and today was the best day to do it!  At first, I waited to post because a few of the ladies were giving these as gifts for their wedding/valentines day/a birthday/etc.

Pin up day was a special day I scheduled back in January where I booked the AMAZING Hangar Hotel for a day (complete with vintage airplanes on site!) of Pin Up and Glamour sessions.  I also booked one of my very favorite hair and makeup companies, cHAIRish the Day to do everyone up in gorgeous style and even had the Vintage Car Club of Fredericksburg supply some spectacular cars to pose with.  It was SO fun and I just has the best time doing such a unique day of sessions.  I even joined in for a few portraits!  I would really love to do this again, but unfortunately we didn’t have enough participation to outweigh the costs of everything that day, so this will probably be a fond memory, lol.  We had a few beautiful shots that were more in the boudoir category but I left those out of the blog and slideshow for privacy.

See more from this awesome day here: Pin Up Day

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