Candace and Roland’s Magnets, Invitations, Guestbook, and Wedding Album!

Today is Candace and Roland’s one year wedding anniversary, and I wanted to share some of their gorgeous custom wedding designs to celebrate!    First up is the sweet and simple save the date magnet.  We went with a medium size magnet with a metallic finish to really make the beautiful rusty background and accent colors pop.  It was a perfect start to show guests what to expect and get people planning to attend the big weekend!  Next up are the gorgeous invitations.  Candace and Roland chose to do a horizontal 5×7 luxe edge  trifold card with a pearl card stock (to carry the lovely pops of color through). We kept the card mostly classic and clean with little touches of fun swirls to give it a little texture, and more accents of their sweet wedding theme of green and purple.  I just LOVE how perfectly that cute funny faces shot works with their wedding sign under the invitation flap–it’s so cute and so “them!”  On wedding day, guests got to see Candace and Roland’s beautiful 8×8 20 side guestbook and write little love notes to the newlyweds.  Again, we stayed with a mostly classic and clean look with little touches of texture and bright color here and there.

Lastly, it was time for their stunning wedding album.  Candace and Roland chose a 10×10 square album with their favorite image (that silhouette of them in their archway is just killer!!) adorning the cover.  I cannot tell you how happy I am that they chose that AMAZING green leather as their cover color–it looks so amazing and perfect for their theme and images!  Pictures don’t do it as much justice–it looks even better in person!  Their wedding day was amazing and beautiful and everything just fit in so perfectly with their theme and their personalities.  I had so much fun designing this album and carrying their theme throughout.

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