Chris and Drea’s Custom Wedding Creations

Drea and Chris celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary 2 weeks ago, and I really wanted to post this on their actual day, but for some reason I could NOT find any images of their invitations.  And of course I took my sweet time to grab their sample and photograph it and then get back to blogging, haha.  But I finally have it all and am so excited to share their gorgeous wedding creations!  Drea and Chris chose a beautiful 5×7 vertical trifold luxe style for their wedding invitations, and I used their classic black, white, silver, and deep red color scheme in their design.  Embellished with elegant textures and swirls and including their sweet “baby” as a focal point, the pearl cards were a simply stunning intro to their wedding day for guests to see in the mail.  Guests got to enjoy more of Chris and Drea’s favorite engagement session portraits in their custom guestbook on display at the wedding.  We decided on an 8×8 20 side book with themes that matched their invitation and lots of space for guests to write sweet message, words of advice, and well-wishes.  Along with the guestbook, Drea’s favorite bridal portraits were on display in a beautiful large canvas and accordion book–love!  Finally, after all was said and done and the newlywed’s big day had passed, we created the album to cherish all of their wedding day memories in.  Drea and Chris chose a 10×10 40 side album with an AMAZING luscious red leather cover to compliment their favorite wedding day portrait in acrylic.  Their 4.4.14 wedding date adds the final touch, stamped on the spine of the album in a rich black.  I loved this album so much that I just had to create a sample of it for their venue, and it’s on display at Boulder Springs now.  I loved working with this couple and wish them all the best as their enjoy their second year of marriage!


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  • Audrey Nelson - August 28, 2015 - 12:35 pm

    Caitlin, we absolutely love this album.

    Our favorite shot is the one you took from behind the couple, seated at their sweetheart table and the reception room full of all of their guests in front of them.

    The lighting is gorgeous and the wide angle really shows how beautiful this event was- you did a fantastic job capturing it.

    Thank you for sharing the album, it’s featured in the hallway just outside our office and is so distracting for our tours, in the BEST way possible. It’s a showstopper. We love your work and encourage any client looking for stunning photography to select you as their wedding photographer.

    Thanks again!

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