Captain Dallas Comes Home

I was so excited when Michelle contacted me about doing this session–my very first military homecoming shoot!  Michelle hadn’t seen her fiance’ Torijaun in 6 months–she was obviously crazy excited to see him for the first time and wanted to capture the moment.  As the day got closer and we started to get “official” details about his arrival, we set some plans into place, that of course went out the window, lol.  Our original plan was to meet at the airport a couple hours early, to give us plenty of time to get through the airport and wait at the terminal (the airline gave us a special pass to meet him at the gate)… One thing lead to another (dying phone batteries and long custom lines) and we thought that he had missed his connecting flight, but then found out at the last second that Captain Dallas would arrive on time.  An anxious 45 minutes in the check-in line to get our passes and then a literal RUN through the airport afterwards, we managed to make it JUST in time to the gate with a few seconds to spare before he walked out.  Phew!!  It was so sweet to see the look of surprise and happiness on Torijaun’s face when he locked eyes with Michelle at the gate and started to walk a little faster to get into her arms.  The other travelers at the airport enjoyed the sight just as much and were so sweet about staying out of the way as I tried to photograph from a discreet distance, and even gave a big round of applause at the couple’s first kiss in half a year.  What a beautiful moment!  Michelle and Torijaun didn’t let go of each other the whole way through the airport, and I loved being able to capture the air of excitement, love, and re-connection they shared in their first few moments together.  I hope I get to do more of these in the future!

See more in their slideshow below:

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