My New Niece, Rose!

So many of you know Andrea–if not from her time as my assistant to so many sessions and weddings a few years ago, at least from all of the pictures I have posted of her own journey as a bride last year.  Almost exactly one month after they celebrated their first anniversary, Andrea and Leo welcomed their baby girl, Rose, into the world.  At just under 6 pounds, little Rose was definitely a ball of energy!  You would think my own niece would cooperate with her Aunt at her newborn session, but this girl had ideas of her own.  She was set on staying very awake and alert for all but maybe two minutes of the 3 hour session and has got to be THE most squirmy baby I have ever met–I have a feeling that Andrea and Leo are really going to have their hands full once she learns to crawl and walk!  Well, squirmy or not, baby Rose is pretty darn adorable, and we got some gorgeous shots of my little niece!  I especially love her portrait with daddy’s dragon–what a face!!

More of baby Rose’s portrait below!

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