Debbie and Joe: A New Beginning

I love it when I get to photograph couples that have unique stories!  Debbie and Joe are making a new beginning together this January as they are married in front of their children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren!  And you know what, they are still just as adorable and in-love as any of my fresh-out-of-college couples! It was so sweet to see the way they looked at each other during their engagement session–little smiles of pure affection and eyes full of romance.  We walked around the Botanical Gardens getting lot’s of pictures of them cuddling and laughing…and making sure to not get TOO many kissing shots, since “the grandkids would like that”, haha!  next up is invitations and before we know it, their sweet, family oriented wedding will arrive!


See more from Debbie and Joe’s Engagement Session below:

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