Jay and Genn’s Peacock Portraits

Jay and Genn are getting married in April, with a REALLY cool peacock theme…so of course we had to make sure to get some peacocks in their engagement session!  They came into town on a gorgeous Sunday morning for these portraits, and we were bound and determined to get some of those lovely little birds in their shots!  As we waited for the Fort Sam Quad to open (we found out the hard way that it opens LATE on Sundays–ugh!), we had some fun getting some beautiful scenic shots around Brackenridge Park.  The sunlight made such a gorgeous highlight on their creamy tones, and the late-fall colored trees and glistening water just added to the romance.  Time flew by, and then it was time to head back to the Quad, where we were the first people inside.  There was practically an army of birds waiting for us to arrive, knowing we would have some goodies for them…tons of peacocks (I had no idea there were SO MANY), geese, ducks, and even a random chicken.  I thought it might be hard to entice a peacock or two to us for some shots, but it turned out that it was hard to keep them away!  We kept trying to separate a few form the group, and it was pretty funny how crazy we had to get with these guys in our antics.  There was one goose in particular that just did NOT want to be left out of pictures–he ended up being so annoyingly persistent that it was hilarious!  So of course, I had to include his “photobomb” shot into my favorites, haha.  In the end, everything worked out so beautifully, and we got some perfect, gorgeous shots of Jay and Genn for their wedding.  I am so excited to see all the lovely peacock details come together on wedding day!


See more fun shots from Jay and Genn’s session in their Sneak Peek slideshow below:

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