Sweet Baby Violet Makes Her Debut!

I am just so in love with this tiny, precious little baby!  Stefanie and Jim are pretty awesome people to start with, so it makes sense that they have a pretty chill baby.  Violet was born a couple weeks early and is one of the tiniest things–it was such a joy to hold her in one arm and let her snuggle up into her little poses.  So adorable!  What is it about little bitty girls that just pulls at your heartstrings??  Mom brought some gorgeous flowers to pose with Violet, and I still think it’s funny that some of the flower buds were as big as her head, lol.  I LOVED the flower idea and we had a blast making a big pile of them for Violet to cuddle into.  This was such a perfect session for my LAST newborn before my OWN newborn arrives!:)


See more of Violet’s adorable newborn session below:

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