Violet’s 4 Month Portraits

Oh my gosh, how in the world does this baby girl have such amazing eyes?!?  She looks like a perfect little doll!  Violet is as cute at 4 months as she ever was at her newborn session, but this time has so much more personality!  She loved looking at and playing with the Christmas lights that mom and dad brought (and trying to eat them lol)–her eyes were so full of adorable wonder!  The lemons and limes were fun to hold onto and watch roll around (boy, those things were hard to keep in place, but so cute and perfect with that dress!).  By the time we got to the big purple flowers (mom wants to use them in each of her sessions to show her progression), sweet Violet was getting pretty sleepy….just sleepy enough for us to pose her with a gorgeous wreath around her, take ONE shot, and suddenly JUMP awake with flailing limbs and scatter them everywhere haha.  We were all just cracking up so hard over her confused face and spread-eagle arms and legs, until she fell back asleep for a few more shots.  Sweet girl!


See more from Violet’s 4 Month Portraits here (including the funny shots after she woke up with arms flying!):

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